A Guide to Real Estate Hashtags on Twitter.

If you don’t know what a twitter hashtag is or how to use it, then let’s clear up that confusion with a brief tutorial of what it is and specifically how real estate professionals can utilize them on twitter.

A twitter hashtag is a way to group and consolidate a post to a centralized location. By adding the hashtag symbol (#) next to a keyword it will send your post to a place where other people have hashtagged that keyword. People can then search that hashtag on twitter at search.twitter.com or find the compiled tags on exterior sites that track twitter hashtags.

So you have the gist of what they are, but how would someone in real estate use them?

Example 1
Let’s say you post a listing on twitter. You would want to submit your listing post to a centralized place where people could look at all the posted listings on twitter. Therefore you would add the #listing hashtag after your post like this:

Listed a property on the beach. Address 1234 Beach Dr, City. #listing

Example 2
Lets say you have a listing that also happens to be a duplex, then you may want to target the post with two hashtags as you can put as many hashtags you can fit into a 140 character post. A post may look something like this:

Duplex Listing. Address 222 Duplex Rd. City. #listing #duplex

Now that you know what a twitter hashtag is and have some examples of how to use for real estate, it is good to mention a couple general rules or twitter etiquette when using them. Hashtags are there to be used but used appropriately. Try not to spam them with posts that are unrelated to the hashtag, and hashtagging every post may turn off some followers. Use your best judgment on when and how many times you use them, with the goal to use them when you think they add value to the community.

Hoped this post cleared up some confusion and provided some ideas about using hashtags. #duplex.net #duplexes

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