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Duplexes Theme and Instructions.

We have received some nice compliments about our blog theme. We appreciate that feedback and have decided to offer our blog theme as a free download to anyone that is interested. We hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends. All we ask is a kind reference about duplex.net :)

About the theme:
Duplexes theme is an original WordPress theme created by us and is available for download below:

Download Duplexes Theme


You can first demo the theme and see if you like it by clicking the screen-shot image and visiting our demo page:

Duplexes Theme Screenshot

Duplexes Theme Screenshot

Theme benefits and usage:
The theme is a two column design that includes:

• Compatibility for the latest WP v2.7
• Feedburner email and rss integration.
• Clean design with top and bottom navigations.
• SEO friendly with clean URL structure.
• Widget ready.
• Valid css and xhtml.
• Gravatar icon compatible.

It is free to download and has GPL rights, which means you are free to use the theme on as many sites as you like but please keep the footer intact. You may use the theme for commercial reasons but cannot resell the theme as-is.

Recommended Plugins:
We use and recommend the following WordPress plugins in our blog theme:

Tweet This Plugin.
Related Posts Plugin.
Contact Form 7 Plugin.

WordPress install Instructions:
If you need help or support on how to install WordPress on your domain name, please visit:

WordPress Famous 5 Minute Install Instructions

Theme install Instructions:

• Click on the download button.
• Save duplexes theme file to your desktop and unzip the file.
• Open up your FTP program.
• Open the file that says “public_html”
• Open the file that says “wp-contents”
• Open the file that says “themes”
• Drag our theme file from your desktop and into this “theme” file.
• Let the files upload and then login into WordPress.
• Within the WP admin, go to the appearance tab, and click on themes.
• Choose the duplexes theme from the available themes and activate it.

Note: If you have WordPress installed somewhere besides your root then you will first need to click on the file where WordPress is installed on.

If you wish to remove the footer for a certain reason, please email us at support@duplex.net and make a request there.

General Support:
If you have general questions about the duplexes theme please contact support (at) duplex.net and we will try our best to answer your questions.

First Time Home Buyers can get $8k.

If you are a First Time Home Buyer, the United States government wants to motivate you to purchase a home to help alleviate the current vacant home inventory. There are a few things to know about the tax credit but if you are eligible and in the market for a property, this is the time to strike. Some highlights of the conditions and benefits of this tax credit are as follows:

The Conditions

  • You must fit the definition of a first time home buyer which is defined as someone who has never before owned a property or someone who has not owned a primary residence for at least 3 years prior to a purchase. For married tax payers this time period rule is applicable to both of you. Meaning if your spouse has owned property within the time period rule you are both out of luck.
  • There are income requirements. There is a reduced tax credit if you are single and make more than $75k (MAGI) or are married and file a joint return and combined make over $150k (MAGI).  If you are single and make 95K (MAGI) or married and file a joint return and combined make over $170k (MAGI) the tax credit is reduced to zero.
  • The property must be purchased between January 1, 2009 and December 1, 2009
  • The tax credit is equal to 10% of the purchase price of the property.

The Benefits

  • Any home that is purchased to be as used a primary residence can be eligible for a tax credit.
  • The tax credit  is refundable meaning if your tax liability is less than 8k you get difference as a refund. For example if you owe $4k in taxes then with this credit that 4k is wiped out and the US government will write you a check for $4k.


Tenant’s Perception is Landlord’s Reality.

In this economy there is shift in mental thinking from features to savings, and from want to need. The article Perception is Reality talks about the downward pressure on rental rates in New York City. The perception may be part mental and part reality but the bottom line is the relationship between the renter and landlord. The right fix is finding a middle ground to preserve good tenants and for tenants to respect a landlords position and willingness to preserve the relationship.

What are Two Flats?

In the United States, a two flat is a two story residential property with two units and two seperate entrances.  The only difference between a two flat and a duplex is that two flats refer to the 2 story duplex style, usually have a brick facade, and the term is most often used in a handful of cities such as Chicago and Buffalo. Internationally, the term two flat or flat is used more extensively.

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