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Duplex Only Construction.

There is a real estate company design and construct business in Australia (duplex.com.au) that specializes in designing and building only duplexes. They have a six step process leading a person from duplex plan design and property site evaluation to the actual construction and tracking of your duplex. This is a construction niche that we feel is under-served and is open to growth. We will keep you updated on other companies that have this specialization. If you are developer with this specialty, make sure you email us and let us know about you!

Planning for Duplex Rental Vacancies.

Any experienced real estate investor will tell you that “things don’t always go as planned”. When buying a duplex as a rental, you must have realistic expectations and a cash flow reserve. Here are some specific questions related to vacancies if you buy a duplex rental:

  • How will you advertise to attract tenant inquiries?
  • Do you have at least a 6 month cash flow reserve if you have double vacancy?
  • At what point will you drop your rental amount if no tenants show interest and what increments will you drop the price?
  • Are you willing and able to occupy one side of the duplex for a period of time so that you don’t have double vacancy?

These are some quick questions to ask yourself before you get started, but ultimately it comes down to being a landlord and providing a rental that renters want to rent. That being said sometimes you just need to have some time to find a tenant; just make sure that time doesn’t stretch your bank account too thin.

Getting the RSS Feed for “The Duplex Blog”.

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Another way is to add the actual url into your rss reader once your logged in. Our rss feed address is:

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Converting a Single Family Home to a Duplex.

At some point a real estate investor will consider converting a single family residence into a duplex property. When crunching the numbers on a certain property it may not make sense as a single but as a double, the property investment has promise. There are several factors to consider when assessing if a certain property should be converted.

Here are our top 3:

First is the zoning board in the particular area you are considering the duplex conversion. Look at the zoning map and see if there are any other duplexes. Also find out if there were any recent duplex or multifamily conversions within a one mile radius of the potential home investment.

Second is to consider the layout of the property. What kind of symmetry does the house have between the two sides? For example does each side of the house have a bathroom and is there any non-bedrooms that can be converted to a bedroom?

Third is the viability of a duplex or other multifamily property inside that general vicinity. Let’s say you do get a rezoning; would a person in that particular area be interested in a duplex rental? Make sure the demand for this type of property fits the demographics.

    Duplex Real Estate Scenarios.

    Unlike single residence real estate, duplexes add more options. Yes there is only one more unit but there are several scenarios. They include 4 scenarios:

    1. Living in one side, and having one tenant.
    2. Living in one side, and having a vacancy.
    3. Having two tenants.
    4. Having double vacancy.

    This may seem like a simplistic break-down of duplex usage but we will look at these scenarios and the different variables in future posts.

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