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Duplex vs Halfplex.

In our previous post “Halfplexes, Own half a Duplex.” we mentioned halfplexes. Based on a email question that was sent to us and some confusion on the internet such as was found in some responses to the question: “What is the difference between a Duplex and a Halfplex?” at active rain dot com, we wanted to clarify the difference on our blog.

The confusion maybe to the fact that both terms relate to the same housing type, the duplex. The difference between a duplex and a halfplex is that when selling a duplex, the sale is of both units from one owner. When selling a halfplex, it relates to the sale of one unit of a duplex who has two separate owners.

Now to clarify things even more, when the duplex is being rented out and both units are owned by one party then its simply called a “duplex rental” but if the duplex has two owners, each side would be considered a “halfplex rental”

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