duplex semantics

What is a Duplex?

There is some confusion out there about what duplexes are and to simplify and clarify some of the language or semantics of this type of structure, let’s start with a basic definition of what a duplex is.

A duplex is a housing structure that has two unit dwellings attached to one another. Each unit has a separate entrance and is usually metered for its own utilities. Both units are located on one lot.

Now the confusion most of the time is caused by terms that specifies a usage of a duplex structure, a synonym, or a term that is non-exclusive to what a duplex is.

We will define the following terms in future posts to help differentiate them from the basic definition of what a duplex is:

  • Doubles
  • Two Flats
  • Twin Homes
  • Zero-Lot Line Homes
  • Semi-Detached Homes
  • Patio Homes
  • Halfplexes
  • Duplex Condos

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